Stone City Woodworks Disclaimer; Please read. Warranty Information provided below.

To avoid excessive warping or cracking after you begin using your wood table a cool environment (18-23 degrees C) with a relative humidity of 38-45% and a little bit of air movement is said to be ideal for wood objects in general. Change thermostat settings gradually as the seasons change. A sudden change in temperature or humidity is the worst thing possible as moisture will be sucked out of or pushed into the material far too quickly causing tension inside it the wood fibres. Excess heat and dryness can even cause cracking and splitting. Avoid extremely hot plates and excessive water allowed to stand for long periods of time. It is also important to remember that placing your piece in front of a window in direct sunlight can dry out your piece and cause cracking and splits!

The main causes of damage to wooden furniture are careless handling and environmental conditions. Again, keep in mind that movement, just as small cracks in the surface of your live edge furniture piece is normal and part of the nature of the wood. You may notice lifting or cracking of the epoxy or resin fills; this is from the natural movement of the wood and it normal and not covered under warranty. Movement/small cracking around the pith (centre) of the tree, knots and natural imperfections in the wood is normal.

Light is a natural enemy of all organic materials; it is especially harmful for wood because the damage is cumulative (meaning it gets worse over time) and therefore irreversible. Sunlight can turn light woods dark and bleach out dark woods. Also, it is important NOT to place hot mugs or plates directly on the wood surface as it may mark the finish. Sunlight will affect the finish of the surface, leaving it discoloured, cracked, or brittle. Leaving your wood piece in direct sunlight, for example, large windows with lots of sunlight will harm your table over time. It may warp, split or crack. We suggest blinds or covering your piece if you intend on leaving your piece exposed to direct sunlight on an on going basis. We also would advise against placing your wood furniture on radiant in floor heating systems. This is also important with wood legs. The constant heat on the wood absorbs any of the moisture left in the wood and will further promote splitting/cracking/warping.

We do not warranty any tables placed on radiant in floor heating.

Stone City Woodworks products come with a 6 month warranty. If you have any issues within the first 6 months of the product arriving, please send pictures to rob@stonecitywoodworks so we can determine what the issues may be and how they were caused. If the problems are due to lack of maintenance and care, NO warranty will be given.

Shipping times are only approximations. Your furniture shipment may be delayed due to holidays, freight forwarding times, and logistics. You will be provided a tracking number the day we ship your product. Please note that you need to have enough people to help you off load the crate from the delivery truck. All of our furniture products come in a concealed crate. We supply full insurance on our products if they ever get damaged. Curbside delivery is included. No delivery persons will be allowed to bring your furniture into your house due to liability reasons.

No refunds or exchanges will be given due to the customization of each piece (other than the first day of arrival if the item is not as the pictures show that were sent and approved by you prior to us shipping your item).

Lead-times are only approximations and may take longer due to supply and demand of our wood sourcing.

Solid Wood Furniture Care

Basic Care

Use only a clean soft cloth when cleaning your furniture. Always wipe in the direction of the grain. If you need to, dampen the cloth with water and then use a dry cloth afterwards. Do not use any other liquid as this will affect the finish. Solvents and alcohol are particularly bad. Clean up any spills immediately. If the wood absorbs liquid, it may crack or even warp.

Your furniture, being made from natural material is affected by changes in temperature and humidity in your home. Hardwood furniture does not take kindly to excessive dry air. As it loses moisture the wood shrinks, small gaps may appear in places like table tops. This does not affect the strength of your furniture. When the area’s humidity rises, these gaps will disappear as the moisture in the hardwood is regained.

Avoid placing your furniture next to heating or air conditioning vents, radiators or direct sunlight for prolonged periods. If you have leaves for a table, store them in an environment with similar humidity to your table (ie not in the basement). Always use coasters and hot pads for glasses and hot dishes.

Sunlight causes a second undesired effect, it can discolour the finish. So again, try and avoid direct sunlight.

Serving/Charcuterie/Cutting Board Care

Do not submerge your board in water

Use a damp rag and mild soap to wipe board clean

Periodic touch ups with mineral oil may be required (Every couple of months)

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