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We Have Many Years of Experience in the Field

Stone City Woodworks has grown from a small garage hobby business to Kingston’s leading custom furniture design and build firm in less than 7 years. From our humble beginnings in the garage, to our current workshop and retail space, we keep an eye on design trends and help our clients stay up to date with their furnishings and decor.

  • 2014

    Rob was working as a full time graphic design supervisor at a local newspaper at the time. When he began to tinker with woodwork in his garage. Posting a few pieces on social media led to the first company name, Rusticdesign.ca specializing in rustic home decor and farmhouse style pine furniture.

  • 2016

     Rusticdesign.ca had grown over the past two years to the point where Rob was able to leave his full time job behind and begin the journey of owning his own business. Adding products to the lineup such as bathroom vanities and beds.

  • 2017

    No longer being able to keep up with orders from his garage, Rob decided to move into a commercial space. With an array of different products and styles, he decided it was time to shed the Rustic name and Stone City Woodworks was born.

  • 2018

    Stone City Woodworks began to invest in top quality machinery and tools to give our clients top quality products. Rob began to invest in higher materials and finishes to be used on his projects. Hardwoods became the main materials used and Stone City Woodworks became Ontario Wood certified.

  • 2019

    Rob saw the need for a local live edge lumber supply company and partnered with Legacy Lumber to bring top quality, kiln dried, live edge lumber, epoxy, adhesives and hardware to eastern Ontario. Now fellow makers can shop locally right in Kingston for all of their project needs.

  • 2020

    Stone City Woodworks became Kingston’s top choice for live edge furniture, epoxy dining tables, and live edge lumber supply. The company outgrew their current workshop location and as of January 2021 will be located in a 3000 square foot wood-shop and retail space. Offering clients a larger selection of wood, epoxy, metal table bases and much more. 

Quality runs through the entire workshop, from every carpenter to each tool.

Rob J. Purvis

Our Carpenters Only Work with Well Selected Tools

We believe that quality furniture begins with quality tools and lumber. That is why we invest in our tools and machinery. We only use the best in the industry. From Festool, Bosch Tools, Sawstop, Laguna and others, without our top quality tools, we wouldn’t be able to produce the best quality furniture. 

Our Philosophy


Modern and Timeless Design

We keep a close eye on design trends, speaking to our network of Interior Designers and Architects, we stay ahead of incoming trends and can differentiate between Fads and timeless styles. We design your piece of furniture with your needs in mind. Each client is different and therefore each piece is different. We create a piece of furniture that your family will be happy to own for generations.


Sustainable Wood Stock

We will only work with suppliers that have a sustainable natural resources plan. Our live edge lumber is all urban salvaged from cities in Ontario. This means the trees that have fallen due to natural causes or are being taken down for development and otherwise would end up in the landfill. Our partners at Legacy Lumber only mill lumber that has been salvaged in a sustainable manner. 


Quality in All Aspects

You can only build a top quality piece of furniture if you use top quality products. We have taken years to find and work with what we believe are the top quality suppliers within our industry. From the wood to the epoxy to our metal base fabricators, each supplier we work with has the utmost quality products in mind.


Support of Canadian Suppliers

We take the term, Made in Canada, very seriously. All the materials we use in our products from the wood to the steel are made in Canada by Canadian Businesses. From fellow small business owners to large corporations, our suppliers must have a tie to Canada and employ Canadians for us to use their products.

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