A warm and inviting
space makes your
guests feel
comfortable dining in
your restaurant.

When guests are comfortable and feel at ease, they spend more time and therefor more money at your establishment. These guests are also more likely to return and recommend your bar to their friends and family. From being greeted at the hostess stand, ordering drinks at your wood and epoxy bar to sitting at a solid wood table, the natural tones of wood comfort people. The warmth that solid wood brings to a space is an invaluable sales tool. We will make sure your space is somewhere your clients want to visit and revisit time and time again.

A collection of our works.

Fine Balance Brewing

We were honoured to assist Fine Balance Brewing to open! They are a new local brewery serving the Kingston Area. We used white oak for their Bar Top, Tables, and Shelves with custom bases from our local supplier. 

It was a pleasure working with Andrew and his team to get the tap room looking perfect 

Downtown Kingston Bar

We were contacted by Inch Contracting to create this custom new bar top for a new restaurant opening in downtown Kingston. This bar top was made using Black walnut with epoxy river. The continuous river through the mottled corner is my favorite part of this one! Can’t wait to have a drink or two at this beauty!



Lavellees Cookery had us transform their entire space with new tables for their customers to enjoy. The spalted maple communal table (with tap holes from maple syrup spigots) anchors the space while the custom ash high boys draw your eye to them with the Cookery logo carved into them and filled with epoxy. We also added custom charcuterie boards for their display case.

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